My 3 Favorite Places to Eat in Boston

If you’re as much of a foodie as I am you’ll appreciate these 3 restaurants!

1. Little Donkey

In the #1 spot is Little Donkey in Cambridge. Combine sweet and savory by mix and matching their Brioche French Toast with a side of the Habanero Maple Sausage. I promise you won’t taste anything yummier than this!

2. Row 34

Our #2 spot goes to Row 34. Looking for the best lobster roll in town? This is where you’ll find it!

3. Cafe ArtScience

With cocktails named after endangered species and a robotic server on display, this Cambridge eatery is the classy nerds haven. My personal favorite menu item is the duck on their dinner menu which I believe is seasonal (fall/winter).

Boston Massachusetts: Pros and Cons

Thinking of moving to Boston? Planning a quick trip? Just wondering what it’s like over there? Well, I lived in Boston for about 7 months so you’ve come to the right place to learn a thing or two about this historical New England city.


  • Having just moved from Philadelphia, I absolutely loved how clean Boston is.
  • Boston’s rich culture is evident throughout the city. There’s tons to do when it comes to visiting college campuses or learning about the city’s history by visiting local museums.
  • You’re a stones throw away from Cambridge which is home to both MIT and Harvard.
  • Lots and lots of seafood!
  • If you’re a young professional, you’ll be glad to know that you fit the demographic mold.
  • It’s a sports fans haven.
  • It’s also a sailors haven. If you’re lucky enough you might make a friend or two that’ll take you out on their boat.


  • Boston is severely segregated by ethic groups which makes it a bit uncomfortable.
  • Trying to make new friends as a young professional? Sorry, this city isn’t for you. Most Bostonians already made all their friends in college and aren’t accepting new applications.
  • Winters can be brutal but if you’re coming from any other North Eastern state, this won’t phase you at all.
  • Most restaurants are just ok. Moving from Philly, I was shocked by the lack of flavor in Boston restaurant meals. That being said, I did find a couple of hidden gems.

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Business Class vs Economy: What You’re Dying to Know

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I got the super amazing opportunity to fly Cathay Pacific business class from Philadelphia to Hong Kong, and the perks were unbelievable. For a bit more context, PHL to HK is about a 16 hour flight – flying business class made it seem like a 2 hour flight! Here are a couple things you didn’t know about flying business class:

Bottomless Champagne 


The air hostess always referred to me by my last name which I found super interesting. She’d ask super politely, “Ms.Arinze would you like some more champagne”…my answer was always yes.

Business Class Lounge

Did you know that airports have secret lounges where the rich and well-to-do hide from us commoners?? Neither did I! These lounges are stocked with meals, snacks, and you guessed it…bottomless drinks! Feeling guilty for spending so much on first/business class tickets? – here’s where to really get your money’s worth.

The Cathay Pacific lounge in HK has private, super cozy, shower rooms. I was able to freshen up and look brand new after spending 16 hours napping :D.

Full Horizontal Recline 

No exaggeration…I literally napped for most of this flight. When I wasn’t sipping champagne, I was full on sleeping. That’s how comfortable theses pods were.

Meals Served in 3 Courses

I will say, I missed the economy meals – they’re a bit more filling. In business class you get a few courses of nicely arranged scraps. I got fruit, salad, and salmon pictured below. IMG_1730.PNG

Never Wait in Line

You always get to board the plane first! Running late from the lounge? Not a problem at all! You get to cut the line and board asap – I found this especially funny.

Overall Flight Experience


My Nassau Weekend Getaway

First off, let me start by saying, yes! That’s actually me photographed above. I’m a huge believer in self discovery through solo travel, and I’m super excited to share some Bahamas solo traveller tips with you all.

Day 1 – Friday Night

  • I was super nervous! I landed at Lynden Pindling Intl. airport at about 11:00pm, so it was a bit late and I’d heard that traveling to the Caribbean could be dangerous.
  • I hadn’t made any travel arrangements to the hotel. Totally fine! There were taxi’s waiting outside.
  • ATM at the airport was broken 😦 but luckily for me, I did find a taxi that was able to take credit cards.

Tip: USD bills are accepted Nassau

Tip: You get a pass (pink wristband) to go to Atlantis for free for the duration of your trip without having to pay crazy Atlantis prices.

  • I was extremely tired once I got to the hotel, so I went to bed. It was about a 20 minute taxi ride from the airport to Paradise Island (we had to pay toll to get in but the driver took care of it).

Day 2 – Saturday

  • I was even more nervous! I had no idea what I was doing, and being alone made me even more unsure of myself – but I’d spent the money to get there so I was determined to make it worthwhile.
  • Comfort Suites serves complimentary breakfast from 7am-10am. I was pleasantly surprised that I made it down in time to eat.
  • I headed over to Atlantis! I got my pass and a map, and headed off to find the closest bar.

Tip: If you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage, you won’t find one in Atlantis before 11am.

  • I wandered around the resort and took some amazing pictures till about 11:30am.


  • Then I headed over to the bar (Plato’s) right outside the casino in the Royal Towers to get a mimosa! The staff were super friendly, and I began feeling a bit more comfortable being on my own.
  • I walked about a bit more, grabbed lunch at one of the outdoor beach bars (Breakwaters Grill) – which I wouldn’t really recommend unless you absolutely love McDonalds quality burgers.
  • After asking a ton of people if it was safe (because I can be a scaredy cat too), I went to Dolphin Cay and booked the shallow water experience with the dolphins!

Tip: Dolphin Cay runs scheduled experiences, so chances are that you won’t be able to just go there and get into the water with the dolphins. You’ll have to schedule in advance. Though if you’d just like to go watch the dolphins in their habitat from afar, you can do that too!

  • The experience ran for about 30 minutes, and the dolphins were very well behaved! Totally not scary at all. There’s a trainer with each dolphin at all times.
  • I wish I could remember the name of the lady that sold me the tickets. She was super kind and remembered my name when she ran into me the next day.
  • I got a dolphin kiss (pictured above)!
  • After swimming with the dolphins, I got a drink with someone I met during the experience, and then I went to bed! I was super exhausted from all the walking (it’s a big resort!!).

Day 3 – Sunday

  • I really really wanted to go into town but was skeptical of leaving the touristy places on my own.
  • While eating breakfast, I looked up guided tours of Nassau but couldn’t quite find one with all the things I wanted to do.
  • After talking to the concierge at my hotel, I decided it was safe enough to get into a taxi and head to “John Watkins Distillery“. Where I accidentally joined a tour group and got a free pina colada sample! (I later bought a whole drink because it was so yummy).

Tip: Being friendly opens doors!

  • After mingling with a few people on the tour, I learned that they were visiting other historic sites that I wanted to see.
    • Queens Staircase, Straw Market, etc…
  • So I asked the tour guide (Marley) if I could tag along, and he let me join for a discounted price!
  • After the tour was over, I got dinner and drinks with a super friendly couple from the tour group!
  • Then I sent Marley a message on WhatsApp asking the best way to get back to my resort – which was a great idea because he offered to come back, pick me up, and take me back to Paradise Island.
  • Then it was time to get shower and get ready to watch the big game!!
  • Atlantis had a few places to watch the game, but I decided to watch it at Plato’s since I was already familiar with the staff there.

Day 3 – Monday

  • Time to go home 😦
  • I checked out of the hotel, and they let me store my luggage in a secure room – I had some hours to kill before going to the airport.

Trip Rating: 9/10

The men stared a bit too much here, but overall it was a pretty good trip.

Hotel Rating: 7/10

Wasn’t luxurious but it was clean. The Atlantis passes were the biggest perks. Some of the Comfort Suit female staff could work a bit on their attitudes.

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