Business Class vs Economy: What You’re Dying to Know

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I got the super amazing opportunity to fly Cathay Pacific business class from Philadelphia to Hong Kong, and the perks were unbelievable. For a bit more context, PHL to HK is about a 16 hour flight – flying business class made it seem like a 2 hour flight! Here are a couple things you didn’t know about flying business class:

Bottomless Champagne 


The air hostess always referred to me by my last name which I found super interesting. She’d ask super politely, “Ms.Arinze would you like some more champagne”…my answer was always yes.

Business Class Lounge

Did you know that airports have secret lounges where the rich and well-to-do hide from us commoners?? Neither did I! These lounges are stocked with meals, snacks, and you guessed it…bottomless drinks! Feeling guilty for spending so much on first/business class tickets? – here’s where to really get your money’s worth.

The Cathay Pacific lounge in HK has private, super cozy, shower rooms. I was able to freshen up and look brand new after spending 16 hours napping :D.

Full Horizontal Recline 

No exaggeration…I literally napped for most of this flight. When I wasn’t sipping champagne, I was full on sleeping. That’s how comfortable theses pods were.

Meals Served in 3 Courses

I will say, I missed the economy meals – they’re a bit more filling. In business class you get a few courses of nicely arranged scraps. I got fruit, salad, and salmon pictured below. IMG_1730.PNG

Never Wait in Line

You always get to board the plane first! Running late from the lounge? Not a problem at all! You get to cut the line and board asap – I found this especially funny.

Overall Flight Experience


Want to Be Successful? Ditch These 3 Types of Negative People ASAP

Do you have friends that constantly tell you, “you can’t”? How about a family member that belittles all your accomplishments? These types of people can significantly hinder your success, and here’s why you should create some distance asap:

Type 1: The “Belittler”

This person constantly belittles your accomplishments and never acknowledges your hard work. Got a new job? You couldn’t have done it without the help of someone else. Bought a new car? The sales guy would have never given you that discount if he didn’t find you attractive. Got an A on that big test you’ve been studying for? It was an easy exam anyway.

Why to ditch: The fact here is, there is no way in the world that every single success you have can be 100% attributed to someone else or something else. Sure, your friend may have helped you study for that exam, but you wrote that exam on your own. We all have a little help on our journey to success, but if you have someone in your life that never acknowledges the role you play or the hard work you put in, this means that they don’t believe you deserve that success. If you want to be successful, why hang around people who don’t believe you deserve to be?

Type 2: The Naysayer 

In the eyes of this person, everything you set out to do is impossible. Want to switch careers? Nah dude, it’s just too hard for you. Want to travel around the world? Girl, you’ll probably end up broke.

Why to ditch: World famous life coach Tony Robbins(who came from a broken home to later build a $6 million empire) has been quoted saying that attaining success is 80% psychology and 20% skills. This doesn’t just apply to business, but to every aspect of your life that you set out to grow. What he means by this is, you MUST have the mindset that you can in fact achieve what you set out to achieve – and how can you have that mindset if you surround yourself with people who constantly say that you can’t?

Type 3: The Denier 

This person is similer to the “bilittler” but worse. They deny that you have any success at all. Bought a new house? So what? Others can afford mansions. Got elected as VP of the USA? Well you’re not president, so who cares.

Why to ditch: Encouraging friends will always be proud and happy to see you worked hard and got what you wanted, whether or not their definition of success differs from yours. If you notice that a particular friend can never simply tell you “Congratulations, I’m super happy for you” when you accomplish one of your goals (no matter how big or small), then maybe they just aren’t happy that you’re reaching the goals you’ve set out. The good news here is that it doesn’t matter whether they’re happy for you or not, all that matters is that you’re proud of your own accomplishments and know that they’re stepping stones to your continued growth and success. However, don’t keep these people around, they’re soul draining and add 0 value.

Here’s the key thing to understand here, when you work hard to attain something, and you attain it, then you are successful – and it’s encouraging/motivating to surround yourself with people that recognize this. 

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